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Opportunity Detroit 1-9-15

News/Talk 760 WJR’s Paul W. Smith and Quicken Loans Vice President, Stephen Luigi Piazza speaks with Shawn and Aaron Grose, Owners of Windmill Pointe Brewing Company. www.cumulusdetroit.com/audio/audio_013150.mp3 Read More »

Pewabic Tankard Pickup: Round 2

Pewabic Tankards

Tankard owners, We have been out delivering tankards and want to make sure the rest of our orders are completed for the holidays. If you have not received your tankard please join us in the Pewabic Pottery showroom this Sunday from 1-3:00 pm. If you can’t make it out this Sunday please call 734-320-7052 to schedule a pickup. We look ... Read More »

The Wall Street Journal


We want to thank Mike Ramsey for publishing a great story in the Wall Street Journal.  His coverage (print, video, and radio) can be found using the link: http://t.co/PtDKTWMofW Read More »

The List


We want to thank Jimmy and his crew for another great story.  If you missed the segment please check out below! Cheers! www.thelisttv.com/the-list/around-town/around-detroit/detroit-pedal-powered-beer Read More »

TEDx Detroit


TEDxDetroit 2014 will feature more than a dozen of the best and brightest minds sharing their passion, wisdom and innovations. Our speaker roster balances left brain and right brain – academics, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators. Each speaker only has a short block of time to share their positive idea for the world. We find them inspiring. We hope you ... Read More »

Michigan Energy Forum: Brewing with Clean Energy


We want to thank Nicholas Cucinelli for having us present at the Michigan Energy Forum.  It was an inspiring night of presentations from Brewery Vivant, Corner Brewery, The Green Brewery Project, and PurposeEnergy.  In the near future we hope to be presenting some real numbers abut how Pedal-Power Beer works on a bigger scale.  Our Next demonstration/presentation will be on ... Read More »

The Broad Art Museum in East Lansing

Bike N Brew

Today we are excited to bring Pedal-Powered Beer to MSU.  This event will feature many collaborations between brewers, bikers, and hop growers.  If you are in the area come down from 6-9pm and help us make another batch of beer!  Read More »

Green Cruise: Saturday August 9th

Green Cruise

Join us in celebrating the many forms of human-powered transit that help keep you and the planet healthy. The Cruise is on 9 mile east of Woodward, Ferndale Michigan  WPBC will be brewing another batch of Pedal-Powered Beer from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  We hope to see you at this great green event! Read More »

Hopstories Video Segment # 8


We would like to thank the crew from Hopstories for coming out to Detroit last February to shoot our story.  I remember it was another bitterly cold day with challenging driving conditions. The team drove from Grand Rapids and stopped off at Eastern Market to grab some footage for the story.  When they arrived at Windmill Pointe Park they got ... Read More »

Green It Yourself Fair at Eastern Market


We came down to Eastern Market to participate in the Green It Yourself Fair.  It was nice to be back in the market brewing Pedal-Powered Beer! We talked to many curious and interested people about our vision.  Although we did not get many riders our able-bodied team gave us the power needed to complete the batch. A kids bike and ... Read More »

Tankard Update


We spent the afternoon at Pewabic Pottery watching Nicole make our Tankards.  It is amazing to watch a skilled artisan bring form and function to a hunk of clay placed on the potter’s wheel.  The picture you see of the tankards is face on and the handles are in the back.  We chose to put our logo in the center ... Read More »

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  • Hopstories Video Segment # 8
  • Green It Yourself Fair at Eastern Market
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